Probiotics- The Who and Why

The Benefits of Our L. Acidophilus Probiotic Supplements

Supplements for digestive problems are common but few probiotic supplements provide the health boosting effects of NoMeds L. Acidophilus probiotic supplement!

It might sound strange, especially for people new to probiotics but the powerful and friendly bacteria in L. Acidophilus is certainly something you'll want in your body.

Well in your small intestine to be precise, L. Acidophilus is found in a number of foods mainly yoghurt based ones but since many people struggle to fully digest yoghurt getting enough L. Acidophilus in your system is very difficult.

Also, the vast majority of commercial yoghurt products won't have much of this friendly bacteria left in them by the time you purchase them.

This powerful probiotic is also useful for people taking antibiotics, as good bacteria is usually depleted or harmed during antibiotic treatments. 

With our probiotic supplement, you'll never have to worry about getting enough of this friendly bacteria. Suitable for vegetarians, with 60 capsules per bottle our powerful probiotic supplement will provide a range of health-boosting effects.

How Can L. Acidophilus Help You?

  1. Acidophilus is a powerful probiotic that can help your body in a number of ways, it's not the only probiotic in your intestines but it is one of the most prominent and important.

It helps produce vitamin K, increases immune response and can relieve the discomfort caused by irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.

So if you're looking for IBS supplements or Crohn's disease supplements then our NoMeds L. Acidophilus probiotic will do the job.

When it comes to supplements for digestive problems few can match the versatility of L. Acidophilus. Let's take a look at some of the great ways it can help your body stay fit and healthy.

  • It produces vitamin K.
  • Helps break down dairy products.
  • Helps increase immune response.
  • Helps aid your body in the absorption and digestion of nutrients.
  • Can help combat respiratory infections.
  • Can be used to help relieve symptoms of IBS and Crohn's disease.
  • Helps fight off pathogens including E.coli and salmonella.
  • Is a powerful and effective Ulcerative colitis supplement.


This powerful probiotic supplement can be used to tackle a huge range of ailments and can even act as an IBS supplement, Chron's supplement, and a Colitis supplement. But you don't have to suffer from a digestive disorder to feel the benefits of this probiotic supplement.

From improving immunity and fighting infection to producing valuable vitamins, our L. Acidophilus probiotic can help anyone. In today's always on the go, fast food and late lunch world looking after your digestive system isn't always easy but with our L. Acidophilus probiotic supplement, you can give yourself an advantage.

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