Here is a list of Top Products to Help You Fight Back Pain!

Does your work require sitting for long hours? Experiencing back pain? Feeling stressed out? Don’t worry! We, at Nomeds, offer the best back pain relief products for you! Some of them are described below:

Back 4 Life - Lower Back Pain Relief System

Back 4 Life features TENS therapy and is an ideal solution for those suffering from pain in the lower back! TENS is regarded as an effective and safe treatment for pain and is ideal to use in combination with other pain relievers, as well. The device is installed and designed with a series of pre-programmed TENS treatment used to treat lower back pain. Not only does it provide firm support to relieve pressure, it also delivers TENS simulation to the painful area.

Arthrosound Pro Pack

This is a handheld ultrasound device with ultrasound therapy! As a cordless device, it can be used anywhere in your home. The device only works with a conductive gel though, so the whole package includes two free tubes of Glucosamine Gold Gel, which contain natural ingredients to cure back pain. The device has three treatment levels, so you can choose the level according to the severity of your pain.

Glucosamine Joint Patches

Containing three key natural ingredients, Glucosamine Joint Patches help to maintain joint health. With the help of trans-dermal technology, the patches slowly release ingredients over a 24 hour period. These ingredients are freeze-dried onto the patch and are then absorbed by your body when they come in contact with your skin. These patches are waterproof and easy to use. Make sure to change the patch once a day.

Shiatsu Massage Cushion

The Shiatsu Massage Cushion is accompanied by a remote control SP-19H-Gb, which helps to ease muscle pain. The relaxing shiatsu mechanism will help to reduce the aches in the neck, back, shoulders and legs. The plush cushion can easily be adjusted to target the area of pain. The compact design gives better portability and the adjustable rear strap help sooth pain by being fixed to one spot.

Wi Touch Pro - Wireless TENS for Back Pain

The Wi Touch Pro is the world’s first wireless TENS for shoulder back and hip pain. The device features eight pain relief settings with 4 different modes of pain. No matter how severe the pain is, it’s fast acting and long lasting pain relief provides the much needed soothing effect. The lightweight, comfortable, and flexible design provides the perfect solution for back relief. You can easily wear this device under your clothing whenever you need it.

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