Pain Relief Gels

Reduce pain in the joints the natural way

Our bodies are fragile and over time muscles and joints become weak. It is common to experience aches and pains in the joints, especially as we get older. Where there are tons of superficial ways in which you can treat your joint and muscle pain, there is also natural gels which can do the same thing while revitalizing the area to reduce further pain.

Don’t use heat and ice

One of the misconceptions with joint and muscle pain is that if you need heat to heal it. If anything, heat may act as an irritant to the joints and muscles. Neither should you constantly apply ice to an area. Ice constricts the muscles. This is sure to cause more pain in the joint area as tendons and muscles will put more pressure on the area when ice is applied.  Soothing the joint and muscles, which are inflamed or are in pain, is the best remedy. We recommend using a natural gel to do this.

To reduce swelling and inflammation use gels

Joint pain and inflammation are two separate issues. If you are using a pain relief gel then you are encouraged to seek out gels that specifically and naturally target swelling and joint pain.  You can either get these gels separately or in a combined formula such as the Boswellia Cream for Joint Pain and Swelling. This combined formula utilizes Boswellia Cream to reduce swelling. The extracts of serrata not only reduce pain in the joints but also increase suppleness.

What to look for in a natural pain relief gel

There are many brands which claim to be natural gels, but in fact are not. Natural pain relief gels should have vitamins and supplements within them that not only reduce the pain but also work to heal your body so that no pain continues. Look at the ingredients label carefully, as most ingredients are listed from primary use to the least used ingredient. If you find that the first few elements are chemicals and water, then the odds are that this is NOT a healthy and natural pain relief gel.

Natural gels will have hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in the body, Vitamin C which is essential to antioxidants in the body, and Glucosamine which naturally maintains the connective tissue in the body. You may also find additional natural ingredients depending on the specific gel that you chose. For example, Opti 5 Premium Joint Gel has Rose Hip to reduce the inflammation properties of Osteoarthritis and Arinica which is famous for reducing bruises and skin blemishes. Of course, all ingredients should primarily focus on reducing the pain and inflammation of the joints.

Why should I use a natural pain relief gel over other gels?

You may be wondering why you should use a natural pain relief gel over another gel. The main reason would be to reduce the intake of additional toxins into the body. On average your body has over 300 toxins (even if you exercise and eat healthy) from chemicals and other things which we are exposed to daily. This number is greatly increased for individuals that live in cities where air pollutants are higher.

Did you know that many gels are composed of water and silicone? Silicone is used in rubber. So essentially, when you use a non-natural gel, you are saturating that area of your skin with a rubber based lubricant. If it does not sound too healthy it is because it is not.  Generic chemically manufactured gels (as well as manufactured gels from some top companies) are saturated with chemicals which are not natural in the body. This means that you are treating a problem with a foreign object. Your body’s natural response is to reject any foreign toxin. Furthermore, the chemicals which are in non-natural products increase the risk of additional issues. Why trade one pain for another?

Natural Pain relief gels offer a solution that has very little risk to the body. The ingredients found with the pain gels are usually produced by the body anyway. Those ingredients which are not produced by the body are unaltered natural minerals and supplements that have been proven to work alongside the body’s natural functions. By using natural pain relief gels, you are reducing the risk of a prolonged joint and muscle pain problem by supplying your body with those things which build joint tissue and lubricates the joints naturally.

We are here for you

Joint pain does not have to be a lifelong issue. You can combat the pain and reduce the effects of joint and muscle pain by using a natural pain relief gel. If you have any inquires as to how the pain relief gels of can help you please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss any of the many product you may find on our website with you.