How Detox can work for you?

Detox patches can help your body get back to its natural state naturally.

We are in stewardship of our bodies, and even though we may take exceptional care of these bodies they can become contaminated. One medical professional [1] has reported that the average adult body has over 300 toxic chemicals. It is undoubtedly the main reason why illnesses and diseases have become more and more dominant in our culture than in times past. Detox allows for your body to get rid of these foreign toxins and minimize the potential for sickness and disease.

What is Detox?

Detox is the most commonly used natural treatment for removing toxins from the body without the use of prescription and other elements which are un-natural to the body. The detox process removes the foreign toxins by supplying the body with vitamins and minerals which the body craves (such as vitamin C, B, and D as well as iron and potassium).

Why should I detox my body?

Detoxification is needed to restore the body back to its natural state. By implementing a detoxification method the body forms a strong immunity against foreign toxins, reduces stress and pain, eliminates body waste, reduces weight by burning fats logged in the system, revitalizes the skin, and helps to purify the organs (specifically the liver and kidneys).

How do Detox patches work?

Detox patches work by supplying anti-bacterial agents to the body, as well as organics, herb, and natural substances such as vitamin C, tourmaline, and dextrin to enhance the body’s ability to function at its peak. The bamboo wood and vinegar found in the Dr Gem Detox Foot Patches naturally pull toxins from the body.

To use the patch you simply have to apply it to the foot before going to bed and remove it in the morning. Do not reuse a detox patch. Patches are used at night as your body is in a relaxed state and your feet are stationary. It is not advised that you use a patch during the day as your foot accumulates dirt and other debris which may be counter-productive to the patch. Shoes and other coverings can cause the foot to sweat which can also damper the effectiveness of the patch.

The natural elements of the Dr Gem Detox foot Patch

The natural detox foot patch provided on the nomed’s website provides the user with 5 natural points of detoxification. These points are:

  1. Bamboo & Wood vinegar to pull out toxins
  2. Chitosan to fight bacterium
  3. Dokudami which serves to both remove toxins as well as to strengthen the immune system.
  4. Loquat Leaf to help with the skin, specifically inflammation and related skin issues
  5. Vitamin C, tourmaline and dextrin as well as other natural substances and minerals to strengthen the immune system and revive the body.

Who should use Detox Patches?

Detox patches can be used by almost anyone. This is because the patches use natural methods of detoxing the body. Unlike prescriptions and pills which may or may not cause problems to the immune system (the side effects of pills are so vast these days it is hard to say what effect you may actually experience from taking a detox pill). Secondly, because your body naturally craves the substances, and relies on the vitamins and minerals provided, there is very little risk for any adverse effects from using the product[2].

Why the foot?

Patches need to be placed in a safe area, especially when you are talking about pulling out and placing substances into the body. Many patches are ineffective because they are absorbed into the body and then the body counts the new material as waste. Also, adding a patch directly on the spine or nervous system is ill advised as each person is different and has different sensitivities to exterior elements. Absorbing helpful substances through the foot helps to ensure that such substances are carried through the entire system effectively and safely. Furthermore, we have found that because the patch is applied at night, the foot is a less irritating placement for the patch then on the back or shoulder.

 We are here for you

Should you have any inquires as to the detox process and why your body needs to have regular detoxifications (even if you exercise and eat properly) please feel free to contact us. Information about our detox foot patches and all of our natural healing products can be found online at If you have any questions concerning any of the products we offer please contact us and we will be sure to answer your inquiries.


[1] Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM

[2] You may be sensitive to some of the substances used in the product please be sure to test the product prior to prolonged use.