Removing the passiveness of sitting

The Posture Balance transforms sitting into an exercise in posture

Your posture greatly determines a lot about your overall health and wellbeing. It is impossible to know the exact number of people that suffer from poor posture, but it has been estimated that up to 98% of adults suffer from a form of poor posture.[1] It is obvious that poor posture is an epidemic which has been overlooked.

Common problems caused by poor posture

Many issues are related to poor posture. Most commonly, the pelvis leans forward and forms “tilted pelvis”. This can cause digestive problems as well as reduce your height as well as your body’s ability to get rid of fats (as a result of not being able to process foods properly). Bowed legs, arched shoulders, hunchback are also symptoms of a poor posture.

Apart from the physical defects which can be cause from poor posture, a poor posture can also lead to pains in the feet, back joints, neck, and hips. If the spine is not aligned properly, you can also suffer from major disorders ranging from sleep apnea to circulatory system related issues.

The main contributor

If there are so many problems caused by poor posture then why aren’t people taking more of an active role to combat it?

Unfortunately, work is the main contributor to poor posture. Many people spend their days sitting. This does not mean that they are not working. For example, a counselor may spend a great deal of his or her day sitting on a chair while talking to patients. It is not that work is not being conducted, but that the work is being conducted from a sitting position.  Standing is not really an option either as the counselor would not want to seem dominating over the patient.

Posture Balance offers the solution

Posture balance is a product which has just recently made its way into the UK market. This revolutionary device increases the posture of those which spend a great portion of the day sitting.  By changing the sitting position from a passive state to an active state, the body is forced to target a proper posture for the user.

How does the posture balance restore and maintain proper posture?

The posture balance device works on a pivot axis which forces the user to tense the torso muscles. This in turn strengthens the abdomen and the lower back. It is not a cushion or a device that you can push against a chair and forget about. Instead, the posture balance device works much like a balance board in that your body is required to move forwards and sideways in order to get your body perfectly aligned. By forcing your body to be in an active state while sitting, your core is strengthened. A healthy core is the key to a healthy body.

Won’t the moving around interfere with my work?

No, the Posture Balance is not designed to be a hindrance to your work but to be a training tool for your body.  If your body is aligned, than the board will be balanced. It is only when your body slouches or becomes unaligned that the board will shift and force you to move your body.

It may take a few days to get your body used to having proper posture, especially if you are already suffering from tilted pelvis, arched shoulders, or any other common symptoms formed by poor posture. You have to retrain your body to be aligned.

Other benefits

The Posture Balance offers many benefits that go beyond proper posture. The device gives your body a miniature workout which strengthens your muscles in the lower back and abdomen. By being active instead of passive you will burn more calories and can lose weight from the added activity. As your body will be constantly active, your circulation may improve (though you are still advised to stretch your legs often). Finally, the Posture Balance will improve your range of motion and prevent back and neck pain by aligning your spine properly.

We are here to help

At we are dedicated to providing natural solutions to many of the body’s most common problems. Posture Balance is a natural way to realign your spine without the use of professional physical therapy, back braces, or pills. We encourage you to see how this product can work for you. Please be advised that if you are currently receiving professional care for a back condition, you should seek the advice of a medical professional before using this product. If you have any inquires about the Posture Balance or if you want to inquire about any of the products which are offered on our site please feel free to contact us.


[1] As reported by Deborah Ellison of San Diego physical therapy.