Massage Therapy without the masseuse

How a Shiatsu Massage Cushion can benefit you?

 With the growing number of individuals with back and neck pain, it is no surprise that products catered to relieving such pain have overwhelmed the market. Pills and prescriptions are running wild. More and more pain killers are being invented to meet consumer’s demands. Yet, is this really the best solution for the problem? We do not believe so.

The problem with pills and painkillers

The problem with pills and pain killers is that they only provide a temporary solution to the problem. The body is not designed to intake chemicals to combat pain. It is the brain’s function. When taking pain killers and prescriptions for pain the ONLY thing which is being accomplished is that you are fooling your brain into thinking that you do not have a health issue. You are masking the pain. Where this may provide you with temporary relief, it does little to cure you of a pinched nerve or a misaligned spine.

Secondly, although there have been advancements in prescriptions and painkillers, the fact remains that a great deal of these prescriptions are highly dependent. This means that even if they do “cure” you, then you are very likely to have additional problems from withdrawal of the drug.

The solution

Massage cushions offer a natural solution to not only relieving pain, but also in healing pain. The Shiatsu Massage Cushion, for example, offers back and lower spine massage therapy without the use of pills or a masseuse. The technology stimulates the muscles and the nerves in the back causing them to relax. Because it is a full back cushion, if used with proper posture it can help to realign the spine and alleviate some back issues.

The pain may not be as serious as you thought

A message cushion may help heal you of prolonged pain. Where it is not guaranteed that a Shiatsu Massage Cushion will fix every ache and sore that you may be experiencing, the trend is that it will fix some of those aches and pains. Why is this?

For many people, aches and pains are wrongly diagnosed as being in the bones or the nerves. True, there are cases where this is the case. However, more often than naught the pain is being caused by a muscle that is either being over worked or underworked. Message therapy and message simulation such as you get from a massage cushion can help the muscles which are overworked to relax and therefore relieve you of your pain. Underworked muscles in the back and lower area are messaged and stimulated and therefore may lower the amount of pain you are experiencing.

Other benefits

Where Shiatsu Massage Cushions are primarily used to relieve pain, there are many other benefits that owning such a cushion can provide. Here are a few:

  • Stress relief for those in an office setting – Stress accumulates throughout the day. Many of us experience the highest levels of stress when at work. By incorporating a massage cushion into your office, you can take some of that stress off with a 10 min message break. The message cushion also serves as a preventive measure for those which have to sit for prolonged periods of time. By offering a method of relieving stress off of the entire back, issues caused by prolonged periods of sitting may be minimized.


  • Sleep and Headaches – The full back massage which is offered by having a shiatsu massage cushion is intended to provide relaxation to the entire body. A body which is more relaxed is more apt to be able to obtain a full night’s rest. Furthermore, as many headaches are caused by pain (either temporary pain or prolonged) a message could help to eliminate a headache caused by such pain.


  • Digestive issues – Because the cushion offers an upper and lower back stimulation, the digestive track gets a natural massage relieving tension on those organs. This helps the body to function in a more natural state as the organs are not stressed already. The less stressed that an organ is, the better that organ will perform. It has been known that certain individuals with digestive issues have had relief after using a massage cushion.


These are but a few of the recorded benefits which a shiatsu massage cushion can provide. There are other benefits including the emotional benefits, the cost savings (as compared to hiring a masseuse), the privacy factor, and such.

The natural way

Massage cushions are a realistic way to alleviate pain and reduce the stress and tension on the body. It is not intended that you abandon physical theory or a doctor’s recommendations in your healing process. If you are interested in purchasing a shiatsu massage cushion or if you have questions regarding our message cushions please contact us. As always, we want to encourage you to seek the most natural way to treat your body as nature intended.