Getting the best sleep from the best sleeping position

How the position in which you sleep can affect your overall health

Statistics show that nearly 40 million people in the world suffer from some form of a sleeping disorder[1]. Most of these issues are formed from an improper methodology of sleeping, specifically their sleeping position. Your sleeping position greatly affects the quality of sleep which you receive each night. Of course there are other factors, especially if you have someone snoring next to you, but ensuring that you are in the best sleeping position possible will greatly enhance your quality of sleep and therefore your overall health.

What is the best position for sleep?

Various medical journals state that sleeping on the back is the most beneficial position. The body should be slightly elevated so that the curvature of the spine is inline. Using a memory foam pillow is a great way to elevate your body to the contours of your head.  The alignment allows for you to breath properly as you are not twisted up. Furthermore, the body’s muscles are in a state of relaxation. This position allows the most potential for a rejuvenating rest.

The downside to sleeping on your back is that it can irritate your back if you have existing back conditions. Those which have been diagnosed with sleep apnea are not advised to sleep on your back unless you have your head elevated a minimum of 30%. Those which snore may find that sleeping on the back enhances the snoring condition.

A more comfortable solution

Sleeping on the side is considered the second best option. For many, this option provides the best comfort. You should refrain from curling up into a fetal position as this constricts the breathing as well as puts pressure on the other organs of the body. Consider the fetal positon as doing a sit up and then never releasing the tension from the curled position. Essentially, this is what your body is experiencing when you sleep on the side in a fetal position.

It does not matter if you sleep on your left or on your right side so long as you are in a position where your spine is aligned. If you find that there is pressure on your legs from the other leg (being that your left or right leg is pressing uncomfortably on the other leg) place a memory foam pillow between your knees. A memory foam pillow will relieve the pressure caused by the other leg while at the same time restricting your legs from moving about while sleeping.

 Ensure that your neck does not lean forward or back during sleeping.  If your neck is out of line with the spine then breathing becomes more difficult. The more oxygen that the body can inhale during the sleep process, the more relaxed of a state the body will be in. The more relaxed the body is in, the more fulfilling your nights rest will be. Keeping your head stationary can be achieved by implementing a foam pillow instead of the typical cotton sac pillow.

Keep away from the curl and twirl

Many people suffer from trying to find the ideal sleeping position. When trying to get a good night’s rest keep in mind the following to help you find your perfect sleeping position.

  • Your sleep position is habit based and may require a few nights to get used to
  • The best sleep comes from an aligned body
  • The better that you breathe the better you will sleep. Implement a humidifier or dehumidifier in your room if needed.
  • Do not curl your body. Curling your body is one of the worst things that you can do when trying to rest. It puts strain on the breathing, the organs, and the windpipe.
  • Avoid tossing and turning during the night. This may be easier stated then done, especially if you have gotten in the habit of doing so. Establish a position which provides the best breathing and alignment of your body. Restrict movement by using memory foam pillows, and make the determination to stay in that position.

Going beyond the sleeping position to get a good night’s rest

Your rest is highly dependent upon your sleep position, but there are other factors which will enhance your quality of sleep as well. After ensuring that you have the best sleep position, try to ensure that you also have a relaxed atmosphere in which to rest. Turn off the TV, put down the book, turn off the lights, and focus on your breathing and sleeping. The more active your mind, the more difficult you will find sleeping.

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[1] Information form statisticsbrain