TENs machines and how they can benefit you

NoMeds offers TENs products to help alleviate your pain and tone muscles

Muscle pain affects millions of people daily, whether it is from a prolonged condition or from a recent injury. Where it is true that you could get a ton of pain relief medicine, this is not really a great solution. For one, depending on the type of pain killer used, you could form a dependency. Secondly, the medicine does not target the area of pain but breaks down and flows through the entire body. A solution which alleviates the pain while targeting the area that is hurt is the best solution.

Unfortunately, many people find that the alternative for medication is to just tough it out. Apart from being uncomfortable, untreated muscles may form additional issues. For example: Foot pain can lead to back pain. As every muscle eventually has ties to the brain, pain in a muscle can cause headaches and vision issues.  A solution that is not harmful yet produces great results is needed.  To answer this demand NoMeds.co.uk has utilized the technology of TENs to develop some products to help you.

What are TENs?

TENs stands for transcutaneous electrical pulses.  There are several functions which TENS and EMS can facilitate (such as muscle toning), but for the most part these devices are used in pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. TENs release a small electrical pulse to the target area which causes the release of endorphins to that area. By releasing these endorphins, your body is naturally healing itself.

The benefits of TENS

TENs do not rely upon medicine and therefore you are not putting any foreign object into your body. This greatly reduces your risks for forming additional conditions based upon the medication. Also, there is no set schedule for usage of a TENs machine. Unlike medications which require you to keep track of a dosage, TENS can be used multiple times a day. Such products like the PAINMASTER MCT can be worn and functional all day without a fear of damage to the injured area.

TENs are also a great deal more discrete than traditional medications.  Medicine bottles typically come in containers which are easily spotted. Even if you manage to put your medications into a more subtle device, there is really no ways to avoid having someone see you popping them into your mouth. TENs on the other hand TENs can be applied to the skin (such as with the PAINMASTER) and covered with clothing so that it is not seen, or you can take along a smaller device such as THE PAIN GONE PEN which resembles a ballpoint pen and can fit in a purse or pocket easily.

 Benefits for individuals without muscle pain

TENs are not just intended for those individuals with muscle pain. The devices can also be used to tone and massage the muscles. Because of the electronic pulse, the muscle which is targeted by the tens device will relax. This is extremely beneficial to athletes. Muscle tension can cause a wide array of medical conditions from runner’s knee to tendentious.  Overly tense muscles can also cause cramping and tears to the muscles.

The SPORTS TENS 2 PACK is a product that offers both EMS and TENs functionality depending upon the setting of the device. If set to the EMS settings the muscles will contract and become relaxed. On a TENS setting the device can heal a muscle. As each muscle is different, the device also comes with 27 EMS programs and 10 TENS programs which can be set according to the muscle’s needs.


Where TENs are a tremendous aid for relieving muscle pain and tension, you are advised to seek the professional opinion of a medical staff, doctor, or practitioner prior to quitting any ongoing medication or treatment. As TENs do give off an electrical pulse you should not operate any of the devices around the eyes, throat, heart, or areas which have been fitted with metal (such as a hip replacement or pacemaker).

Where to buy your TENs device?

If you would like to purchase a TENS device please visit us at www.nomeds.co.uk . There are several TENS products available to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a personal TENS to use occasionally when muscle pain flares up, the pain gone pen is a good option. Those that have to go to work but need to have a constant relief from their pain would do well with the painmaster mct.

Should you have any inquires as to TEM, EMC or any of the other products which we offer, we ask that you please contact us. Nomeds is dedicated to providing relief from your pain without medication and costly products.  To see our explainer video please visit our website or look it up on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ejkTKfqbFRI