How to fix two problems caused by sitting.

Most individuals work an excess of 40 hours or more a week. For the entrepreneur or the self-employed worker these hours usually run higher. This means that there are numerous hours spent behind a desk doing such needed tasks. Where this may be beneficial for your wallet at the end of the week, prolonged sitting is not good for your legs and circulation. It certainly does not benefit anyone’s ideal weight goal as sitting is mostly inactivity on your body.

The problem with sitting too much


In a report by nbcnews it was reported that prolonged sitting may increase the risk for certain cancerous developments. The main attributing factor was based on circulation and obesity caused by lack of movement. Think about this; when you are sitting your legs are in a bent position. If you are like most individuals that use a computer your posture is not perfect and there is a leaning towards the computer. This further restricts the blood flow to the legs. When the circulation to the legs is restricted than your legs develop pains and other issues. Sitting and poor circulation also causes blood clots.


Our bodies’ process fats throughout the day. When we are sitting, those fats cannot be properly burned off and therefore the fats build up. What makes this worse is that your body is remaining in a somewhat sleep state. To explain: When you’re sleeping your body is in an immobile state. It is at rest and resetting from a hard day. This is beneficial. Yet, when you go from one immobile state to another, the body does not start the metabolism correctly. In reality, your body assumes that you have gone back to sleep. Because fat builds up quicker while you are in an immobile “sleep state” your body is more apt to pack on more pounds if you sit for prolonged times since your body will assume that it is at rest.

Basic Solutions


Circulation issues from sitting can be easily prevented. It is advised that once every two hours you get up and take a 5 minute walk. This can be something as simple as walking to get a cup of water and then to the copy machine. If you have to stay in a cubicle and cannot get a walk in, stand up and walk in place. The point is to get the blood flow going back in your legs.

Another way in which to get the blood flowing in your legs throughout the day is to do body squats every so often. A body squat requires no weight. To do such an exercise simply stand up from your chair, place your feet shoulder length apart, and lower yourself into a sitting position. Remember to try to keep your posture straight. For better results extend your hands out straight in front of you (as if both were typing on a keyboard) while bending. Do a repetition of 10. For most people this will take less than 5 minutes.


The best way to combat obesity is exercise. Where the office may not provide you with ample ways of performing exercises, you can take measures before and after work. Walk to your office if you can. When the option is available chose the stairs instead of the elevator. During your lunch break take a short walk to get the blood going. Simple exercises like this play a large role in fighting obesity.

Secondly, avoid eating snacks throughout the day. For many individuals in the work area, snacks tend to find their way constantly to the desk. The temptation is very easy seeing as how you can just place a snack stash on your desk and just pick through it during the day. If you must have a snack make it a healthy one. Avoid the vending machine or fast foods.

Other methodologies to help your health

Besides getting up and moving, there are a few other ways that you can increase your health and wellbeing in the office setting. offers a variety of products to help in this. For legs and ankles consider the Ankle Supports or the arch pads. If you are experiencing back pain caused by bad circulation there are massage pads and foot support to help remedy the pain.

Obesity can be combated by making some life choices as well as implementing dietary supplements into your daily routine.

We all have to work to support ourselves and our families. However, you have to maintain your health in the process. Working in an office setting does not have to damper your health. By implementing these easy to follow tips as well as ensuring that you are doing your part to keep a healthy lifestyle (such as quitting smoking) you are sure to see dynamic results.