Back Pain-This is How Stretching Can Help

Back Pain-This is How Stretching Can Help

Across the world, back pain has always been a global problem. Within the United Kingdom for instance, back pain is one of the top causes of serious long-term complications among workers.  Around half of the UK adult population has reported low back pain lasting for about 24 hours. The National Health Service spends over £1 billion annually on costs related to back pain.  Of every 10 adults in the UK, 8 will suffer a number of lower back pain bouts in their lives. However, not many back pain patients know that stretching can really help.

Stretch the muscles

Stretching ensures the muscles around the back have been stretched and back pain relieved as a result of excessive flexion, poor alignment of the spine and tight muscles. To help you stretch and extend ligaments and muscles to relieve back pain the Magic Back Support, provided with a removable cushion is arguably the most affordable and easy to use equipment you need.

The Magic Back Support helps in increasing the range of flexibility and motion and improving your posture. It is adjustable to three distinct levels for the most favourable stretch. The product comes with a distinctive smooth top and a cushion, which is optional, for maximum comfort while stretching your back.

Using the Magic Back Support for just five minutes twice a day helps dissipate pain on your back as you heal. Apart from stretching your back, improving your posture and enhancing flexibility, the item is flexible enough to carry with you. No medication is needed to use it.

Stretch positions

With the Magic Back Support you can attempt a number of stretch positions. This includes simple stretch position where you bend the knees, rest the arms on the sides and engage in the least stretch on your back. It is the easiest and best for those starting out. In case you need a greater stretcher, the product allows you to proceed to the next positions, three in total.

Moderate stretch is another position accomplished by raising the arms over the shoulders and head and resting them close to the surface or floor as possible for an extra stretch. After a couple of attempts this stretch will become easier with time and it will be easier to extend the arms fully and rest the elbows easily on the floor.

Maximum stretch position allows you to extend the arms and legs fully. Remove any pillow below the head to accomplish the maximum stretch desired. As you concentrate on maximum relaxation, you need to feel the chest, back, abdominal and shoulder muscles stretching.

Once you are through with stretching, simply roll onto the side and leave the Magic Back Support and sit up steadily; rest for at least half a minute before you stand up.  This is important because you have attempted a major stretch and to avoid feeling dizzy.

You can also attempt an arm stretch by experimenting with various hands and arm positions and feeling how the diverse shoulders and arm muscles are stretched smoothly and easily. Thoracic stretch is also well accomplished with the Magic Back Support where the postural muscles are isolated and targeted.