Three Ways to Achieve Good Posture

When it comes to poor posture, it is more about just looking bad. It can actually harm your health. It can lead to back, hip, and even leg problems as you age. It can also prohibit you from being able to gain strength and get toned. You need to be able to strengthen your muscles so you remain limber. Years of slouching can cause your muscles to get stiff. The longer you sit, the worse your posture can get because you have less support. This is especially true if you are used to sitting on a couch. Those who work long hours at a desk can suffer from poor posture as well. It is important that you practice certain moves to help regain good posture again.  At we have a full range of products that can help you keep good posture in your day to day activities. 

Roll Your Muscles

When your muscles get short and straight, you need to be able to regain the circulation in them. You can do this by using a foam roller to help loosen them up. This should be done daily or more if your muscles tend to be extra stiff. For small areas, you can use a tennis ball to roll. It is ok to be sore after the process of rolling, but you do not want to be in pain. If you start to encounter pain during or after the exercise, you need to stop. You should work on the stiffer muscles first. As you continue to roll the muscles, the soreness should start to diminish. 

Stretch it Out

Another way to achieve good posture is by stretching. This also helps loosen muscles and helps you gain strength. You should start out slow and stretch each muscle. You should feel some tension, but it should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain, you need to stop stretching. Your back, shoulders, and chest are some the bigger areas that need stretching to gain better posture. Experts advise stretching these areas for about 30 seconds. You should do 3 sets of these stretches each day.  

Get Your Walk On

Walking is one of the best activities you can do, but most people overlook it. Start out walking just a few minutes as you build up endurance. This is a great way to gain better posture as it helps you to stand up straight. When you are walking, you want to keep your back up straight and your heels on the ground. You should be trying to stand as tall as you can. Your shoulders should be pushed back, while your chest should be up. If you want to get the most out of your walk, you need to strive for long strides. Short strides won’t give you the same benefits.

Staying active and performing these three exercises can help you get on the road to better posture. Before you know it, you will feel more flexible and your muscles won’t be as stiff. Practice sitting up straight while you are sitting to help trick your body into better posture.