Why Boswellia Balm can work for you

The search for natural pain and swelling relief could be over! If you’ve been desperately seeking something to help with inflammation and discomfort then look no further than Boswellia Joint Pain & Swelling.  There has been plenty of excitement around this all natural product and it is becoming known as something of a miracle worker.  Completely natural and with an incredible aroma it has been proven to reduce the symptoms of stiff joints, tight muscles and minimise inflammation. Not only that, it seems that Boswellia has plenty of additional health benefits so before you turn to medicines which have side effects with long-term use, such as Ibuprofen or others– you should certainly try it.  Those who do choose to use it as an alternative therapy report pain relief, a reduction in swelling in the joint and greater mobility.  Boswellia works by encouraging blood to travel to inflamed joints and it does not have any known side effects.

This balm is based on an old traditional recipe derived from Buddhist Monks containing the valuable ingredients Boswellia Serrata and Indian Incense.  Boswellia Serrata, which is grown in India, North Africa and the Middle East, is a gummy resin extracted from a tree.  It’s been used for thousands of years as a treatment for arthritis and it even has anti-cancer properties, (more on that later).  As well as encouraging blood flow to inflamed areas of the body, it targets a number of different mechanisms from its compounds; one is called AKBA and has specific pain relieving characteristics.  According to Life Extension Magazine, scientists in Europe believe that this balm performs so well in reducing joint inflammation and pain relief that they now promote it in clinical use.  In fact, scientists worldwide are very excited at the effects of Boswellia Serrata.

In recent years, there have been a number of studies on arthritis patients including osteo arthritis and rheumatoid. In these studies, using Boswellia has proven to reduce arthritis symptoms over a period of 8 weeks.  On humans, it was used for arthritic knee patients who, after a few weeks, demonstrated a significant reduction in pain, better mobility and the ability to walk further than before using it. 

It’s not only arthritis and inflammation that can be aided by Boswellia Serrata.  According to a study in the International Journal of Colorectal Disease it has also shown promising results for those suffering with inflammatory bowel diseases including Crohn’s and Colitis.  The bowel is inflamed due to leukotrienes and Boswellia obstructs these mediators therefore reducing inflammation and discomfort.    Using Boswellia for over 6 weeks as a supplement proved an improvement in digestion, the bowel wall, inflammation and quality of stools.  This study (one of many) showed 82% of patients using Boswellia as a supplement for bowel disease went into remission; other studies were equally as promising.

In Cancer patients it is widely known that inflammation is a factor in cancers developing and there has been evidence recently that Boswellia can be an effective tool against cancers.  It can kill early cells and help to deteriorate tumours.  There have been studies in humans with pancreatic cancers demonstrating that Boswellia extract kills cancer cells in their tracks. It has shown results in studies for brain tumour patients too, reducing the swellings.   Additionally there is evidence that it reduces inflammation in heart patients and lowers cholesterol, therefore cutting risk of heart attack.

Constant use of Ibuprofen and other drugs can cause severe side effects so supplementing or changing your medication to more natural substances such as Boswellia can help improve symptoms with no side effects.  You can purchase your Boswellia Joint Pain and Swelling Balm from our website Nomeds.co.uk here.  If in any doubt, always seek medical advice.