Back Pain Relief - A Natural Remedy

Tis the season for shoveling related injuries, the most prominent of which being lower back pain. Tight, tense muscles can cause problems for those who are out tackling the mounds of snow plaguing their driveways and walkways.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) tells us that 28,000 people were treated in emergency rooms in 2013 because of injuries related to shoveling or some other manual removal of snow. The muscles in the lower back are regularly exposed to a great deal of stress and strain; they provide the stability for the entire upper portion of the body. It’s important to keep your lower back pain free because it supports movement, provides structural support, and protects tissues, muscles, and highly sensitive nerves in the lumbar region.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Many things can cause pain in the lower back—a particularly brutal winter is just the tip of the iceberg. Most people experience what is known as acute lower back pain, although there is nothing acute about it. Some ways to bring this kind of discomfort upon yourself is to:

 Sprain or overstretch a muscle

  • Maintain the same position for long periods of time (Sitting on a plane or at your work desk for example)
  • Poor physical condition
  • Weight gain
  • Heavy lifting
  • Bad form during exercise or physical activity
  • Sciatica or a pinched nerve (very often experienced during pregnancy)

 Some lower back pain is caused by more serious conditions such as:

 Arthritis and other diseases that inflame the joints

  • Kidney stones
  • Ruptured discs
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysms, or blood vessels that supply blood to the abdomen, legs, and pelvis becoming abnormally large

 Regardless of what causes your lower back pain, the only thing that really matters is what you are doing to prevent it.

 Holistic Solutions to Lower Back Pain

More and more people are trying natural solutions for physical pain than ever before. If you are experiencing lower back pain, here are some things that you can try.

Stay Active

When you aren’t feeling well, your first instinct may be to get as much rest as possible. While this is a good plan for afflictions like the flu, too much rest can cause your muscles to become stiff and atrophy, which is likely to cause you even more pain. Staying active keeps your muscles loose and functional. Individuals who are active are also less likely to be overweight, which decreases the amount of stress the body puts on the lumbar region. In addition to the other fabulous benefits of regular physical exertion, exercise causes endorphins—which act as a natural pain-killer—to be released in the body.

 Keep Your Core Strong

Weak bonds are more likely to break, so keep the muscles in your lumbar region strong with regular exercise. The muscles in the abdomen and lower back work together to stabilize the body, and they become less efficient as people age. You can spend more time at the gym doing situps, if you’d like, or for a more simple solution, spend more time at home sitting on an exercise ball while you do things like browse the internet or watch sitcoms. Using an exercise ball this way forces you to engage your core muscles, and you’ll get the benefits of exercise without lifting a finger. Other easy activities that promote staying active and a stronger core are swimming and yoga.

 Change Your Diet

Along with regular exercise, food also affects your weight. This may seem like a no-brainer, but individuals who are overweight are much more likely to experience lower back pain as the their back muscles are struggling to support the stress of the extra weight. Educating yourself about proper nutrition and making a sincere effort to shed some unwanted pounds (and keep them off!) is an excellent, natural strategy for eliminating lower back pain.

 Get the Right Support

A firm mattress and supportive footwear are both key to ensuring that your muscles don’t get stiff or overwhelmed. Mattresses and shoes both directly affect the amount of stress we put on certain regions of our body and can be integral in keeping the pain away.

Try Non-Medical Treatment Options for Relieving Lower Back Pain

A new study conducted in Australia involving 1,600 people suggested that Acetaminophen doesn’t reduce lower back pain at all, but that doesn’t mean that western medicine doesn’t have some great solutions. Simple solutions such as hot and cold therapy use blood flow and our natural wiring to stop the pain. Other options include:

 How Electric Pulse Treatments Eliminate Lower Back Pain

When you are plagued by lower back pain, but you’re opposed to surgery, medication, or other medical intervention, a TENS Machine might be for you. NoMeds has developed a few machines that can effectively treat lower back pain with electrodes.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation—also known as Gate Control Therapy and Optimum Endorphin Release. The TENS programs are designed to block pain messages being sent to the brain. Just like exercise, the TENS machines encourage the release of endorphins, which act as a natural pain killer.

 A Solution For Everyone

There are many medical treatments for lower back pain including steroids, antidepressants, and even surgery—but none have been proven to be 100% effective. NoMeds has created solutions that are completely safe, drug-free, and have been clinically tested. We offer tried and true methods that utilize science without using medicine to eliminate lower back pain.

NoMeds has several devices designed to relieve debilitating body pain including a wireless device that also helps to ease pain the the hips and shoulders and the PainGone Pen which is ideal for eliminating pain when on the go.

Tired of the pain? A NoMeds device along with other fantastic strategies such as exercise and supportive shoes can help you reclaim your life. Call us today to learn more. Anyone who suffers from lower back pain understands that there is nothing that makes a person more happy than blissful, sweet relief, so find some for yourself.